A downloadable game for Windows

Winning submission for Escape Studios 2018 game jam in London (22-24 June).


  • Alt/Right Click/LB: Time Swap
  • Left Click/X: Interact
  • Shift: Fire gun

Development team:

  • Thomas Paul (Environment artist & writer)
  • Jing Tan (Design, UI artist, texturer & voice actor) @Spiderlily666
  • Yeonjae Lee (Character & UI artist) @YeonjaeLee_Art
  • Ollie Anderson (Composer & sound engineer) 
  • Sondre Agledahl (Programmer)


ChronoCrack-Win.zip 71 MB


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Hey Sondre! Long time no see! Would it be possible to add me as one of the authors to Chrono Crack so that I can display it on my itch?

Hi, hope all is well, Paul ;) Have added you as an admin and contributor of the game.

awesome! You'll have to send me the admin link to accept the invitation

I shall - how can I send it to you?

Have you got discord? my discord is Tom_Paul#4207